Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Year End Function - Themed Idols

Our companies year end function was themed Idols this year. It was required that the employees audition to be the entertainers at the main event. Because of a dare, I went, and (un)suprisingly I went through to the top six. I honestly had no interest in it, but when the day came, I blew myself (and the crowd) away. It was so much fun as I did a cover of Lira's Feel Good. Many days are memorable for me this year, but that moment on stage stands out as my most prized memory. Ive always been a stage addict, until I moved to MyJozi and got intimidated. This was the first time on stage, here, since the last time I was on stage in 2009 (Eastern Cape). A spark was ignited, and the fire starts to burn...
Here is the story in pictures:

Anyway, moving away from my most prized moment on stage, my friends and colleagues got dressed up as their favourite artists, and it turned out to be a jolly good party!

Introducing the six finalists:

And finally my personal favourites, and best dressed:

Thursday, December 8, 2011

This is how I feel today...

Awash with a wave of emotions...something that lingers close to dissapointment.
There has got to be more to Life.

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