Tuesday, January 29, 2013

And then the Beach happened

While home on vacation (LOL) we did our yearly tradition of hitting up the beach as a family to 'catch' some waves, braai some meat and get some sun. Dad almost convinced us to go on the rainiest day of that December, and ofcourse moi came to the rescue by refusing to go anywhere with him until a couple of days later. I have to admit, it was a very good decision. Beach day was as marvelous as any summer day can come. The seven of us packed into our family jalopie (my dad's beloved old van, the love and hate relationship with that car!) and headed to East London for some fun. I footed the bill, oh Lord the pleasures of being the employed first born in the family.

We had all the fun, swam, ate, sun bathed, people (half-naked) watched and laughed the day away. Me and my sisters have a very interesting relationship with the ocean/ beach. The three of us cannot swim properly but we are always to be found near water! My mission is to learn, oh if I was a white girl I would have been surfing too. I love the ocean that much!

Here are some few pics from my camera that make me long to be back home when I am slaving away in this sealess Joburg. Enjoy!

Alu, Me, Bonga and our Mum

Esona, Me and our Mum

My siblings, Esona, Bonga, Likho and Alu

Me in my 'fishing' outfit LOL

My babies enjoying the water in the river bed

Me and Bonga
work it! I need a glass of water...


Thursday, January 24, 2013

No Resolutions, its Newness I guess!

In all honesty, the New Year could be at any point in time. In fact, New Year could have been easily everyday. But obviously the people who make world decisions, who made the calender, etc. only afforded us one time to celebrate NEWNESS.

So, in line with the constant theme of Newness, I am pushing harder for the things I enjoy doing (and should be doing more of anyway). No resolutions, I guess I could call it a continuation of what is an on-and-off situation in my life. These are areas that are very important to me, they make me feel good. About myself and about life in general.








Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sneak Peak: into my bathroom window

Not so long ago I moved into my own little cottage in Midrand, after years of sharing houses with other females who I knew nothing about, and who in turn knew nothing about me. Ofcourse it is every young lady's dream to have her own space, styled as desired and doing in it as she pleases.

So started my pretty slow process into making my casa a haven for myself.

I have to admit, blogs and Pintrest are my go to places for inspirations, but sometimes they can get a little carried away with themselves and some of those studious looks do not really work in real life. Considering that houses get dirty, floors have to be sweeped and mopped regularly, tops have to be dusted every week, and well...some places are not picture perfect.

I will be giving you sneak peaks into my place, as it develops ofcourse, over however long it takes to show you what I will have created. If you remember the Home Aspirations/ Accessories post, I played around with some inspirations for the casa and honestly my mind changes all the time. What I liked today for the house might not be what I end up buying tomorrow.

Today is a little peek into my bathroom window sill:

Considering the space in my bathroom, and there not being towel holders, I have decided to place my towels on top of the urinal top (the place that keeps water, what's it called?). It is pretty convenient for me when I shower and when I need to wipe my hands.

My mother bought a couple of packs of sweet (strawberry) scented dry flowers for my graduation in 2009. Little did I know that my little sister 'taking' one them would result in them making my bathroom smell so nice when the windows are open. Way to go Esona! The petal top shaped miniature vase is a nice touch to bring the 'flower' look and feel to the area.

I hope you enjoy, and I would love to hear from you regarding what you have done with your own home!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013


images from: style.com

I am of the belief that no other woman pulls off the boyfriend look like the lady in these images, I just wish I knew her name. She makes appearances at Pitti Uomo Jan 2013, an affair that has seen much adrogyn amongst fashion ladies and saw men and women compete in the menswear section...obviously women pull it off much better than men. I mean, we are women. That is enough.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

At Twenty Five

Yesterday was the anniversary of the day I was born. On a Thursday in 1988, around 10:00 a.m. all 3.5kg's of Nolusindiso Noqayi gasped the first of many breaths on earth. The first born, an heir (until my baby brother was born) and a stubborn piece of mum and dad made her way into this thing called Life.

Anyway, I am not here to be poetic about that. I had a great day. My colleagues spoiled me with gifts (well two) and some cupcakes. It was a joyous affair and I am glad I cancelled my annual leave and came to work instead. It was so great my face was sore from smiling.

I thank everyone that made my day very special, I appreciate the love.

P.s...this is what I wore.

By the way, did I introduce you to my new hairstyle? Yes? No? Ok, here it is


Monday, January 14, 2013

To Lost Loves

Death is so final.

One moment you were here, then next moment all life gone from your body.
I cannot begin to understand the transition from life to living no more.
I try to make sense of it in my head, and nothing but finality exists.
A body that carried so much life reduced to nothing.
When breath parts and death starts.

Death's mark lives in the dreams that will never be fulfilled.
It is evident in the plans made that will never come to pass.
It is etched in our lives because everyday you no longer exist.
Death is always near because no day goes by without a thought of you.

Tragedy is life without you.
Loss is life without your voice.
Turmoil is life's milestones without you to witness.
Emptiness is going through life with your memory rusting to nothing everyday.

When death visits, and its poisonous words spoken...
A part of me leaves with it.
I cry because life will go on and things will fall back into place.
It will be like you were never present, merely a part that only lives in my heart (memory).

I am left to marvel at my memories that have you in it.
The hot summer days as kids we spent swimming in the blue pools in-front of your grans house,
The nights you would fight to sleep next to me, or sit next to me.
Your sweet face looking trustingly up to me as we crossed the road.
The silly fights you would have with my little sister.
I remember the young and mature lady you had grown into,
So beautiful your face caught my breath every-time.
Your laughter and the love that always was carried in your demeanor.

Not a day goes by without thinking of you.
Your beautiful face, radiant smile..
I remember how you used to share your wisdom with me.
In our younger years how you used to cheat me out of my food.
I remember how you used to introduce us to the latest technology...
How can I forget the semester trips to drop you off at university.
Oh my sister, and the day you got married.

Two lives that will never be, presence to never be felt again.
I ache at the loss of you in my life, so abrupt, both your lives cut so short.
Zenande, my heart.
Siviwe, my everything.

I miss you, life is not the same without you.
Lalani ngoxolo maMfene amahle, boLisa, boJambase.
Side sibuye sihlangane, ndohlala ndinithanda.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


sleeveless blouse: Mr Price, military skinnies: Jay J's, stilleto's: Edgars, earrings: Edgars

I am calling this post 'Firsts' because it indeed is a moment of firsts. I have never done an Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) post, and I have never worn these three items together before. I have decided to invest more time and thought into what I wear. As cheesy as it is, looking nice really does make one feel very good about themselves. Four days back at the office and I have been feeling good every single day!

I am not too big on featuring my actual self on the blog, and I really have no idea why. So I have found a very nice format to post OOTD's than the conventional million poses of myself that is common amongst bloggers. I think OOTD's are nice, and I love going through my fellow blogger's outfit posts. So why not join in the fun? So, here is to making it work!

Ps: Working on a new camera and photo editing software, until then please bear with me.


I see the year is New

Hello there

I am not sure if there is a need to explain my absence, as we all know it was the holiday season. In this post I did what most bloggers did, recapped and shared my feelings.

Anyway, on to new things. The year is new!
So, Happy New Year to you and yours. I hope this year on my blog does not disappoint you, gives you the stuff that always makes you come back and surprises you at least (as well).

I am not going to explain the plans and intentions I have for the blog this year, I believe that growth is a silent process. I never shouted that I was growing from toddler to teenager, you just kept on seeing me evolving and growing taller, etc. So I believe the same principle should work with my blog as well. I am excited to be in my seventh year of blogging, but on my third on Blogger.

It has been a wonderful journey, sometimes I look back on my posts and wonder what got into me to post such a thing. But according to the hits and comments I received from you guys, it was all worth my time and energy. Sometimes blogging can become 'dry'. You feel uninspired and you think no one ever comes to visit, and if they do, its just a drop in. But, alas, the joy that comes with the 'publish' button is unmatched.

Blogging in South Africa might not be the same as blogging in first world countries (and we all wish it was), but its all in the name of blogging. Right across the world we do it for you (the reader) and for ourselves (the passion).

So, take a walk with me again. The journey has so far been a memorable one (especially my discovery of my favourite blogs).

Til the next post...