Friday, February 24, 2012


For You, A Thousand Times Over.
Khaled Hosseini - The Kite Runner

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unlikely buy

I am not one to usually buy nail polish, nor apply it to my nails. This is mainly because I make such a mess when I do apply it, which will usually end with one hand of mine being polished and the other staying bare. This stays like this for about a week until a friend complains and I have to take it off. I have blamed my nail polish blues also on how boyish I can tend to be. Also, my mum did not put nail polish on her nails until around the time I left home for varsity, so its not like this is something I would have acquired from her.

This was until I heard about this nail polish. A colleague of mine (Tammy) told me about it while she was preggies, and she was donning this stunning colour:
essie - buy me a cameo
At first I was reluctant, she told me that a bottle at Dischem was R90.00, but that for her it was worth every cent. It had staying power and you don't have to apply many coats (one is enough). And as a bonus, it smells like Vanilla.

So many months later, and after seeing this lovely nail colour on many a blogs, I found my courage and went to buy it. I figured that if I can buy a bottle of nail polish for that much, my love for the art would grown and I would invest more time in it. So I bought myself two bottles of ESSIE (written essie) nail polish and its a lifetime commitment! I LOVE it! These were my first choice and as I type, I am wearing the 'midnight cami' on my fingers and the 'russian roulette' on my toes (:

essie - midnight cami

essie - russian roulette

images via essie

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Conversations with a known Stranger

Hello, guess what?
I connected to you before I even knew you, years ago when I was still young.
We met on Oxford road, masked behind the smile of a sweet stranger.
I knew you for years to follow.
I wondered though, why the stranger was a part of my life story.

Hello, guess what?
You connected to me before you even knew me, years ago when you were still young.
We met at Rhodes, masked behind the smile of a sweet stranger.
You knew me for years to follow.
Did you wonder though, why the stranger was part of your life story?

Hello, I am Sindie.
Hi, I am...
Wait, who are you?
I am...
No way!
Yes way, the world is such a small place.

Pleased to meet you.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Her Day: Mara Hruby

My latest fixation, Mara Hruby, has a voice that I cannot place in history. Like who do I compare her to? I have no idea, probably uncomparable. But if you can place her voice, go right ahead, and please do share with me where you place her. Her voice flows perfectly like melted gold. The 22 year old from Oakland, CA arrived in the music scene in 2010, and in 2011 released her debut album titled 'From Her Eyes".

Its a mixture of different songs from various well known artists that she has covered. Her mellow voice puts the distinction in these covers, as most of them are from male artists. She also has a vintage style umatched, as if she fell from the previous years. I look at the clothes she wears and wonder 'where the hell does this girl buy her clothes? does she even buy them?', and ofcourse I get no answers. She is beautiful, talented, has skill both in music and art crafts, she is young and has the world as her oyster and for her to explore. What she does with this chance to be an influential musician is up to her. I hope she makes it BIG!

images via: her tumblr