Thursday, April 26, 2012

Photo of the day: On hold

Hey sweeties

Our internet service has been slow for the past two days, so when I try and upload my photo a day, it does not come out properly. It comes out something like this:


This considered, means that I will not be able to post anything image related until sometime next week (hopefully on Monday). For my international readers, tomorrow in South Africa is a Public Holiday (April 27th) Freedom day. And on Tuesday next week another one (May 1st) is Workers Day. We have had so many holidays between March - April and May. Rest assured we loved it! So many days to rest inbetween and catch up with life.

I would love to have a write up, particularly about Freedom day. So when I have lots of time (inbetween my crazy deadlines) I will do some research and post it up here. I cannot be bombarding you guys with pictures alone, my Journalism Diploma has to be good for something (:.

A big thank you to YOU:
I would like to thank everyone who comes to view my blog, whether its for one of my posts (I have realised that the Serena Van Der Woodsen post drives traffic to my blog internationally) or because you know me and are genuinely interested in my art. I love you! The love you give my blog is amazing. I may not have hundreds of followers or thousands of page views per day, but that one effort to click and access my blog, overwhelms me. THANK YOU!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I just could not resist

Delicacy: Cheesecake

images: tumblr

Photo a day: Day 21 and 22

I am skipping Day 20, because it is titled 'Something you drew'. Most people do not know that I am an 'artist'. I can draw well, can paint, can use wax and coal, etc. So when they asked for this, I realised that I have not done any of these things in years. Actually the last time was when I finished off a piece I was working on in high school, during my first year of varsity. And then I stopped. I did promise myself though that I would have a studio in my house one day, and I am looking forward to that. Because it is a promise I am intending to keep. We as a people must not completely let go of our passions, and we must feed them. Because I realise that they make us happy. They bring that balance and contentment in your life that most things wount. Trust me! I blog to keep sane, and for now that is all I can do to bring the calm spark back into my life.

So anyway:

Day 21: Bottle

and free advertising!

Day 22: The last thing you bought:

I got this tribal print skirt about a week back and I really thought  I would not fall for this trend, but when i wore this, I could not resist! Will post a pic later of me working it (:


Hold up! Let me catch my breath...

Its been crazy out here! No I mean really crazy. I have not had time to blog, nor even think around the things I could post for my 'Photo a day' theme. I am five days behind and I look at that list and go WTF?! Its been work, its been school, its been my life. I feel confused and overwhelmed on most days, if not down, depressed and wanting to scream. But I manage to keep a straight face when I am around people. After all the lesson from my parents that even when I am very hungry and there is no food at home, the whole world does not need to know. I must clean myself up, apply Vaseline on my dry whitened lips and walk out there with my head held up high.

This has been a lesson, even though hard, that has been applied to many areas of my life. When my relationships are at an all time low and I hurt tremendously inside, I still face the world with a brave face and wonder if anyone can see through it. Even when I have no money in my pocket and my bank account, and I watch people going around wasting money. I smile right through it, and encourage them to enjoy their riches. Even when I cannot stand a day at work, I remember the contract I signed and my responsibility to a student out there who does not even know I exist, and I work hard.

I have so much more to say, but knowing myself, I might just tell you all my deepest and darkest secrets. But I will tell you, I want to be happy! I want to be happy all the time. I want to be successful, I want to reap the rewards of all that I have invested in life. I want to make people around me smile, make them happy. I want to be important, all the time. I want to be the only girl in his heart. I want to have friends I can count on, always. I want loyalty. I want faith. I want to dream and not fear my dreams. I want my mum and dad to see the dreams they have for me and my siblings. I want to have a child, who looks like me and his/ her father. I want to love him forever. I want to take walks at the beach, and lie in the sand. I want to travel and see the world. I want to stay faithful to that which my heart decides on. I want to be free from the consequences of people's actions. I want to change, be a better person everyday. I want LoveLoveLove, deep Love. I want to be (un)selfish. I want to be considerate. I want people to treat me the way that I treat them. I want to be considered. I want to be held high by someone. I want someone to be faithful to me always, never tiring. I want to be understood, I want to learn. I want to experience the beauty (and ugliness) of life. I want to stay young.

I want to live, forever.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Photo a day: Day 19

I like today's theme, and only because its the biggest consistency on blogger. Had it not been for that, I probably would not see it that often. Actually, even you reading this see aspects of it every time you come onto my blog page. Also, I feel that as part of photo a day, it is sooooo random. Just!

Day 19: Orange

of the many options that I had (not really) on my desk, you made the cut (:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Photo of the day: Day 17 and 18

Day 17: Something I do not like

no but really, I do not like washing dishes ):

Day 18: Hair

i miss this crazy colour, my hair has since changed.

So little to say, so let me rather say nothing. I hope you're keeping well where ever you are reading this from.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Photo a day: Day 14, 15 and 16

Hey! How was your weekend?
Mine was great! No really, it was GREAT!
I went to the Eastern Cape, met new people, saw my baby sister, laughed until tears came out of my eyes, traveled and had so much fun. I will give you a preview of what happened some time in the week. Right now I have a few minutes to update you on the last three days. So:

Day 14: How you feel today

Day 15: Sunset

somewhere over the rainbow...eastern cape.
Day 16: Flower

there is beauty here...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Photo a day: And a little story to tell

Today is day 12. Very cold day in the JayHBee and frantically busy day at work. I am uninspired and my mind is nestled far off in a sea breeze lying lazily basking in the sun...

Every winter, someone becomes the victim of my endless complaints about not having appropriate clothes for the dry winters. I am a weird buyer. Most of the clothes that belong to me are bought in the spring and summer, and although I complain, I buy no items in winter and somehow manage to survive on the little that I have. Every year I do it, and every year I wonder how I did it the previous year. It has now reached boiling point, and I am forced to go shopping for winter essentials. A list has been compiled, and the journey started. Yesterday I bough one grey poloneck from Identity and two opaque leggings (one footed and the other not) from Woolworths. This is only a small portion in a large list that will probably sent me back a lot of money (mind you, I am beyond broke). I am determined though, and I will probably be smiling at the end of winter at the thought that next year I probably will not be buying anything for winter (chuckles) or so I would like to believe.

I am also going away this weekend to Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape. A friend of ours (me and my sister) is graduating and he has invited his close friends and family to share in this experience with him. I am ecstatic! Never mind that it will be my second visit to the small coastal town (my first I was a child and have little memory of it). Also, this town is about two hours drive from my home village. I am totally embarrassed. Because as South African as I am, I do not know my country. The desire to is there, but I am just singing along to the tune 'wait till I get my money right'.

I will therefore be posting on Monday again, with a Photo a day update and sometime in the week, snippets of the weekend fun.

Day 13 is a sad one. But as per the requirement, it has to be done. What I found made me wonder how animals or insects mourn their dead. We humans cry, and I think we don't cry for the dead, but we cry for ourselves. We cry because it is us who will have to bear the burden of a missing link in our lives. Its us who have to deal with a rusting memory and fading photos. We who will encounter places we shared memories with our dead and they will not be there to remember with us. Its us who will be thinking about our dead every single day for the rest of our lives. We are the ones who have lost.

Day 13: Something you found

rest in peace little birdie...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Photo a day: Day 11 and 12

Yesterday and today's theme is not really interesting. This is because I have breakfast in the same place everyday day for five days, and I do not really have breakfast on weekends. And the other is stairs. Even though I find the concept of building stairs interesting, I have no interest in them as a thing. They are dangerous and when the lift is not working, can give you quite a workout. So:

Day 11: Where you ate breakfast

This is my breakfast tray and, I know.

Day 12: Stairs

Tomorrow I shall be on track *sticks tongue out*, but be warned that I do not post weekends. So Monday will be another fast track *sigh, this life*.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Photo a day: Day 8, 9 and 10

If people were to be judged for not keeping their word about blog posts, I would be in blog hell! Yesterday I intended to post two blogs covering the days I missed, and honestly I got busy. I get busy, all the time. I have to juggle a full time job, a part time honours degree and a normal life. I know some people deal with more (those with lives more interesting than mine, and maybe not) but it happens.

I am still very much excited about this series, and it makes me happy. I love walking around thinking of ways to fulfill each days obligation, according to my interpretation of it. So to catch us up again, here is the last of the days I missed:

Day 8: Inside my wallet

a couple of rands, atm receipts, my ID, some of my cards and stuff I think should be thrown out by now...oh I need a new wallet.

Day 9: Younger you

younger me, graduating from kindergarten. i reckon i made a cute young lady, though often times i  could be mistaken for a boy child #humph

Day 10: Cold

our weather is only now starting to get cold, as we are slowly approaching winter. we are not heavily dressed yet and the sun is still shining bright...but my colleague's boots defined cold for me.
And this installment end here (I think I need a better way to end up these sessions, ideas anyone?)


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Photo a day: Day 5, 6 and 7

So as you probably noticed, I did not keep up to my promise of posting a photo a day. As much as my excuse is not valid, I think in my own terms it is. It was the Easter long weekend and all I did was lounge around, watch movies, sleep, go to church, think, scold my baby sister and eat (including braaid meat, yuuuuummmm!).

So to catch us up on it, I will be posting two blog posts today, going over day 5 up to day 10 (which is today). Tomorrow I hope to pick up the pace. Anyway, into what you have been waiting for:

Day 5: Tiny

These are the little men I've been collecting for my desk. they are the tiniest of what belongs to me in my work station.

Day 6: Lunch

It might not be what I had for lunch, but it definitely is someone's lunch. Weird combo I have to say...

Day 7: Shadow

Well you will notice that with a normal camera, it is close to impossible to focus on a shadow #humph
That's all for these days folks!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Photo a day - Day 4

Day 4: Someone that makes you happy

I love my family and friends, and they make me happy. Unfortunately they are not always with me, and I bare testament to how they make me feel only on occasion, the random phone call and chats, or the sparingly spaced trips home. But one person stands out in my life right now, and that is where most of the happiness that fills my full happiness glass comes from. Joy:

17 months later... you're still here (:

Photo a day: Day 1, 2 & 3

So I saw this very interesting April theme on a blog that my friend Zona recommended for me to go and check out. I am not too big on what the lady who does the blog blogs about, as I am not much of a make up and fashionsta kind of girl. But this I felt could be very fun for me to focus on this month.

Its called Instagram Photo a day April (this is obviously for iPhone users, but what the hell...):

So I am three days late as I am on day four now. So I will post the other three days here below. I hope you enjoy this experience as I bring you pieces of my life according to this theme. I think it is going to be so much fun!

Day 1: Your reflection

my reflection while catching a movie at home on Sunday

Day 2: Colour

little Olie did this for her mum, I think its the best representation of colour

Day 3: Mail

mail and discs in a box at work...i dont really receive mail, lol

Until tomorrow

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sometimes I like what they like

On rare occasions, I happen to like what other people like too. Found this beautiful set on Molly's blog and I just knew it had to make an appearance in mine. Thanks to Molly, I now know of Scotch and Soda. They have such an intriguing line of clothes, I could wear all of them if I could. See:

images via: Miss Molly Fashions