Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Photo a day: Day 8, 9 and 10

If people were to be judged for not keeping their word about blog posts, I would be in blog hell! Yesterday I intended to post two blogs covering the days I missed, and honestly I got busy. I get busy, all the time. I have to juggle a full time job, a part time honours degree and a normal life. I know some people deal with more (those with lives more interesting than mine, and maybe not) but it happens.

I am still very much excited about this series, and it makes me happy. I love walking around thinking of ways to fulfill each days obligation, according to my interpretation of it. So to catch us up again, here is the last of the days I missed:

Day 8: Inside my wallet

a couple of rands, atm receipts, my ID, some of my cards and stuff I think should be thrown out by now...oh I need a new wallet.

Day 9: Younger you

younger me, graduating from kindergarten. i reckon i made a cute young lady, though often times i  could be mistaken for a boy child #humph

Day 10: Cold

our weather is only now starting to get cold, as we are slowly approaching winter. we are not heavily dressed yet and the sun is still shining bright...but my colleague's boots defined cold for me.
And this installment end here (I think I need a better way to end up these sessions, ideas anyone?)


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