Thursday, April 26, 2012

Photo of the day: On hold

Hey sweeties

Our internet service has been slow for the past two days, so when I try and upload my photo a day, it does not come out properly. It comes out something like this:


This considered, means that I will not be able to post anything image related until sometime next week (hopefully on Monday). For my international readers, tomorrow in South Africa is a Public Holiday (April 27th) Freedom day. And on Tuesday next week another one (May 1st) is Workers Day. We have had so many holidays between March - April and May. Rest assured we loved it! So many days to rest inbetween and catch up with life.

I would love to have a write up, particularly about Freedom day. So when I have lots of time (inbetween my crazy deadlines) I will do some research and post it up here. I cannot be bombarding you guys with pictures alone, my Journalism Diploma has to be good for something (:.

A big thank you to YOU:
I would like to thank everyone who comes to view my blog, whether its for one of my posts (I have realised that the Serena Van Der Woodsen post drives traffic to my blog internationally) or because you know me and are genuinely interested in my art. I love you! The love you give my blog is amazing. I may not have hundreds of followers or thousands of page views per day, but that one effort to click and access my blog, overwhelms me. THANK YOU!


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