Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Photo a day: Day 5, 6 and 7

So as you probably noticed, I did not keep up to my promise of posting a photo a day. As much as my excuse is not valid, I think in my own terms it is. It was the Easter long weekend and all I did was lounge around, watch movies, sleep, go to church, think, scold my baby sister and eat (including braaid meat, yuuuuummmm!).

So to catch us up on it, I will be posting two blog posts today, going over day 5 up to day 10 (which is today). Tomorrow I hope to pick up the pace. Anyway, into what you have been waiting for:

Day 5: Tiny

These are the little men I've been collecting for my desk. they are the tiniest of what belongs to me in my work station.

Day 6: Lunch

It might not be what I had for lunch, but it definitely is someone's lunch. Weird combo I have to say...

Day 7: Shadow

Well you will notice that with a normal camera, it is close to impossible to focus on a shadow #humph
That's all for these days folks!


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