Friday, April 13, 2012

Photo a day: And a little story to tell

Today is day 12. Very cold day in the JayHBee and frantically busy day at work. I am uninspired and my mind is nestled far off in a sea breeze lying lazily basking in the sun...

Every winter, someone becomes the victim of my endless complaints about not having appropriate clothes for the dry winters. I am a weird buyer. Most of the clothes that belong to me are bought in the spring and summer, and although I complain, I buy no items in winter and somehow manage to survive on the little that I have. Every year I do it, and every year I wonder how I did it the previous year. It has now reached boiling point, and I am forced to go shopping for winter essentials. A list has been compiled, and the journey started. Yesterday I bough one grey poloneck from Identity and two opaque leggings (one footed and the other not) from Woolworths. This is only a small portion in a large list that will probably sent me back a lot of money (mind you, I am beyond broke). I am determined though, and I will probably be smiling at the end of winter at the thought that next year I probably will not be buying anything for winter (chuckles) or so I would like to believe.

I am also going away this weekend to Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape. A friend of ours (me and my sister) is graduating and he has invited his close friends and family to share in this experience with him. I am ecstatic! Never mind that it will be my second visit to the small coastal town (my first I was a child and have little memory of it). Also, this town is about two hours drive from my home village. I am totally embarrassed. Because as South African as I am, I do not know my country. The desire to is there, but I am just singing along to the tune 'wait till I get my money right'.

I will therefore be posting on Monday again, with a Photo a day update and sometime in the week, snippets of the weekend fun.

Day 13 is a sad one. But as per the requirement, it has to be done. What I found made me wonder how animals or insects mourn their dead. We humans cry, and I think we don't cry for the dead, but we cry for ourselves. We cry because it is us who will have to bear the burden of a missing link in our lives. Its us who have to deal with a rusting memory and fading photos. We who will encounter places we shared memories with our dead and they will not be there to remember with us. Its us who will be thinking about our dead every single day for the rest of our lives. We are the ones who have lost.

Day 13: Something you found

rest in peace little birdie...

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