Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photo a day: Day 21 and 22

I am skipping Day 20, because it is titled 'Something you drew'. Most people do not know that I am an 'artist'. I can draw well, can paint, can use wax and coal, etc. So when they asked for this, I realised that I have not done any of these things in years. Actually the last time was when I finished off a piece I was working on in high school, during my first year of varsity. And then I stopped. I did promise myself though that I would have a studio in my house one day, and I am looking forward to that. Because it is a promise I am intending to keep. We as a people must not completely let go of our passions, and we must feed them. Because I realise that they make us happy. They bring that balance and contentment in your life that most things wount. Trust me! I blog to keep sane, and for now that is all I can do to bring the calm spark back into my life.

So anyway:

Day 21: Bottle

and free advertising!

Day 22: The last thing you bought:

I got this tribal print skirt about a week back and I really thought  I would not fall for this trend, but when i wore this, I could not resist! Will post a pic later of me working it (:


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  1. Excellent skirt! What a fun find. Love your comment btw, I am super tiny, lol! Show us workin that skirt!


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