Thursday, January 10, 2013


sleeveless blouse: Mr Price, military skinnies: Jay J's, stilleto's: Edgars, earrings: Edgars

I am calling this post 'Firsts' because it indeed is a moment of firsts. I have never done an Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) post, and I have never worn these three items together before. I have decided to invest more time and thought into what I wear. As cheesy as it is, looking nice really does make one feel very good about themselves. Four days back at the office and I have been feeling good every single day!

I am not too big on featuring my actual self on the blog, and I really have no idea why. So I have found a very nice format to post OOTD's than the conventional million poses of myself that is common amongst bloggers. I think OOTD's are nice, and I love going through my fellow blogger's outfit posts. So why not join in the fun? So, here is to making it work!

Ps: Working on a new camera and photo editing software, until then please bear with me.


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