Tuesday, January 29, 2013

And then the Beach happened

While home on vacation (LOL) we did our yearly tradition of hitting up the beach as a family to 'catch' some waves, braai some meat and get some sun. Dad almost convinced us to go on the rainiest day of that December, and ofcourse moi came to the rescue by refusing to go anywhere with him until a couple of days later. I have to admit, it was a very good decision. Beach day was as marvelous as any summer day can come. The seven of us packed into our family jalopie (my dad's beloved old van, the love and hate relationship with that car!) and headed to East London for some fun. I footed the bill, oh Lord the pleasures of being the employed first born in the family.

We had all the fun, swam, ate, sun bathed, people (half-naked) watched and laughed the day away. Me and my sisters have a very interesting relationship with the ocean/ beach. The three of us cannot swim properly but we are always to be found near water! My mission is to learn, oh if I was a white girl I would have been surfing too. I love the ocean that much!

Here are some few pics from my camera that make me long to be back home when I am slaving away in this sealess Joburg. Enjoy!

Alu, Me, Bonga and our Mum

Esona, Me and our Mum

My siblings, Esona, Bonga, Likho and Alu

Me in my 'fishing' outfit LOL

My babies enjoying the water in the river bed

Me and Bonga
work it! I need a glass of water...



  1. Hello sweety! This is such a great post and glad to found your blog! Are we following yet? I'd love to follow via gfc and bloglovin if we aren't! Stop by me soon!xx ♥


    1. Hi, thanks for the comments.
      If you would like to follow my blog, please follow in GFC and Bloglovin, and I will follow back.


  2. lovely...you're such a beautiful family! I'm assuming daddy Rex was taking the pics :D. Great job

    1. Dad was out there braaing the meat shame, that is why he is not in any of these photo's. Thanks


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