Thursday, January 10, 2013

I see the year is New

Hello there

I am not sure if there is a need to explain my absence, as we all know it was the holiday season. In this post I did what most bloggers did, recapped and shared my feelings.

Anyway, on to new things. The year is new!
So, Happy New Year to you and yours. I hope this year on my blog does not disappoint you, gives you the stuff that always makes you come back and surprises you at least (as well).

I am not going to explain the plans and intentions I have for the blog this year, I believe that growth is a silent process. I never shouted that I was growing from toddler to teenager, you just kept on seeing me evolving and growing taller, etc. So I believe the same principle should work with my blog as well. I am excited to be in my seventh year of blogging, but on my third on Blogger.

It has been a wonderful journey, sometimes I look back on my posts and wonder what got into me to post such a thing. But according to the hits and comments I received from you guys, it was all worth my time and energy. Sometimes blogging can become 'dry'. You feel uninspired and you think no one ever comes to visit, and if they do, its just a drop in. But, alas, the joy that comes with the 'publish' button is unmatched.

Blogging in South Africa might not be the same as blogging in first world countries (and we all wish it was), but its all in the name of blogging. Right across the world we do it for you (the reader) and for ourselves (the passion).

So, take a walk with me again. The journey has so far been a memorable one (especially my discovery of my favourite blogs).

Til the next post...

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