Monday, August 13, 2012

Home Aspirations/ Accessories

I recently moved into my own space and have a little project/ goals up my sleeve as I am now faced with an empty pint sized bachelor cottage that I can do as I please with.

Insight: Since 2008, I have been praying for a place where I do not have to share living space and recently God answered my prayers. With this experience, I realised that the moment a person says a prayer, the answer is put into action. This may take a long time, but we have to remember that the answer to our prayers not only benefit us, but also impact other people's lives. And this is why some prayers take a tad bit long to answer. Isn't God just amazing?

Anyway, the place has to be decorated and customized according to my style and taste. I have been 'rummaging' the internet looking for inspiration, window shopping trying to pin-point pieces that would be a beaut at my place and just spending days daydreaming of what it will look like when I am done.

Accessorising a house does not have to be expensive, and I am sure to most it sounds like a very big deal. But simplicity paired with stylistic flair goes a long way! DIY is also a great way to complete the look of your home. Nowadays, even things that would have been considered rubbish yesterday, make the world of a  difference.

The following are some Items and Ideas that interested me today and might make an appearance at my place:


For my bathroom window sill.

My bathroom is extremely tiny, so I do not plan to do much with it. The blank wall will have some hanging/s frames, but one has to be careful of what kind of frame goes in there as the bathroom is usually steamy.


I have already implemented this book arrangement for my books which were previously kept in boxes.


Currently my kitchen has been set on off white and silver. I think a burst of colour will do wonders for the space, and to illustrate how white and silver work with colour, the picture above says it all.

I still have to decide which colours will fill my kitchen but I plan on using vases and maybe wall hangings to decorate.

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Join me on this journey, signing out...


  1. Your own PROPER place and everything, nice! Congratz lady :-)! And enjoy the decorating/personalising period.

    1. and you would not believe how affordable it is, considering the rent rates out there. God really answers prayers girl! so happy (:
      thank you, I will. One step at a time though...

  2. I'm so happy for you hun! I know how much it means to you. Enjoy the ride, home decor is not about the destination, but the journey itself!



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