Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Snowy Affair in Jozi

Yesterday seemed like an average day. My day started at 05:00 when my best friend PING'd me in our usual ritual to waking up every morning. We exchanged greetings, little familiar pleasantries and I went to take a shower. I do not own a television, so I depend on Twitter weather updates to keep myself in the loop. In all honesty, the only reason I would want to own a TV is for the news and the weather. I did the morning checks and was stunned with the predictions of 'Johannesburg -1 to 9 degrees' with chances of afternoon rain. I dressed up warmly, packed my lunch and went on my way. I was in the office by 07:30 and the day progressed in its usual manner.

As I was making coffee, with a large window right next to me, I started noticing white flakes falling. I figured it was sleet and went on my way. Shortly thereafter, the office went into an uproar as it was now apparent that it was not sleet I had seen, but rather snow. I was shocked, the kind of shock that will last me a lifetime. I recovered and joined the others in the windows to marvel at this miracle. The thing is Johannesburg is not meant to have snow and for many like me, this was a first.

All my life I had imagined I would have to one day travel to the US just so that I can experience a white Christmas as in the movies, and ofcourse, snow itself. Little did I know that one day, I too would be privy to this experience. In that instant I walked out of the office, freezing, time stood still. Excitement took over me and I joined in the euphoria that was going around.

Snow is a rare find in Gauteng and has been experienced in May 1956, August 1962, June 1964, September 1981 and June 27, 2007. As expected, Gautengers all around were to be seen outside taking photo's and posting them all over social networks. Snow-fights sprang all over the golf course and buildings emptied out. It was beautiful to say the least, and I am so happy to have experienced this first hand. Now I can also walk around saying I know what snow feels like, and it feels magical.

images by me and JN

magically in snow, signing out...


  1. It lookslike it really fell where you were.

  2. beautiful! enjoy dear friend and keep warm

  3. Incredible! :) Did you shave off your maine Sind?

  4. Mine I am in Sandton, at first it was very light though, and later went on hard.

  5. Zona I am always warm, thanks love.

  6. Its been over a month since I cut my dreads Nwai, I see yours are coming along very well (;


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