Friday, August 3, 2012


Many a times we go on about pretty blue eyed white girls with the perfect wardrobes and perfect acting flair and skill, and we overlook the beautiful brown eyed black girls with the perfect wardrobes and perfect acting flair combined with lots of dramatization and tears. step out of line, meet 13 year old Amandla Stenberg (if you have not seen her before). A sweet beautiful face that has me feeling like I could mother a child looking exactly like her...sigh! I first noticed her on the opening scenes of the highly action filled and entertaining movie Colombiana, but first saw her on Why did I get Married too? She has also recently made an appearance on Hunger Games (which I still have to watch by the way).

Her beautiful self:

the make up is a bit much for a child, but she looks lovely...
how stylish is she? love the mustard and pastel blue combo

growing into this fashion thing, I would do this type of dress

very grown up and chic outfit! those pumps and that neckpiece...yes?
dazzling in this grown up looking floral print...did you see that ring and cuff?
the perfect evening outfit. classy!
Amandla Stenberg.
 signing out...


  1. First thing I noticed about this beauty is her Zulu name. She's super stylish and talented too

  2. Her parents are very bold!! The necklace reminded me of something you would wear.


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