Thursday, August 23, 2012

Puma Digs Egoli and I won!

Hey guys!!

So stoked! You know why? On Tuesday morning I found out that I had won my first competition in like FOREVER! I entered a give-away on Milli's blog where she was giving away three double tickets to the first three people to comment on the post. I tried my luck, and because I do not usually enter competitions or any like, I was pleasantly surprised that I won.

Puma is launching its first stand-alone store in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. Word is they are opting to go for the mining look and feel for the store, which is an ode to the rich and sometimes tragic mining history of Johannesburg, the City of Gold. I definitely look forward to attending and meeting all these other bloggers who I just usually see on the internet.

Whoop Whoop, signing out...


  1. Ah dude! You must enjoy and take lots of pictures and blog to let the rest of us plebs know how it went.

  2. Congrats matey! Happy for you! wish I could join u

  3. congrats mtakza!!! take pics coz we wana share in the moment with u


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