Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Compositions of a Broken Winged Angel

I enclosed myself in-between my pretty broken wings, the cracks of my soul escaping between the crumbling pieces. Trying to be intact so my wounds could be healed and my soul returned to me. Nothing cuts deep as loss, for with loss you also loose love. I opened my heart for all humanity to see, two faced as it told stories of joy and pain.

I made room for mankind and a seed was planted on unfertile grounds, depriving it of growth for no man could water this seed. I took a step, de-planted the seed for the rain dancer had escaped to the hills, to hide from her fruitless pursuits to nourish the lands. Dry soil, dry soul, even my tears could not further your growth.

Then you came to me one night, as an angel whose wings I had plucked. You whispered in my ear 'I now reside in your soul, my pretty shattered wings will forever be inked on your back. My breath is now one with your shadow'. I looked into the universe above, shed tears that never touched the ground and said a prayer for you. The answer drifted, You are me, I am you.

I pointed my pen to the moon, and it gave me starts to guide my steps. I filled the air thick with the scent of ink, and the wind whispered my name. I summoned the heat of the sun and it glazed my skin with with wings of fire to lift me out of Lucifer's lair.

I kissed the universe and light years away a galaxy was born. I transcended gravity-less into space, and the heavens became my pedestal. I gave God my hand and the angels belowed in melodies that wrote on the devils skin. I looked destiny in the eye, and fate became my third I.

Writings of your name sit invisibly on my walls. My screams, calling out your name for I need refuge are muffled out by pride. Day in, day out, the mornings call out your name. Night in, night out, I hear your voice speaking in toungues and cease to listen. Your confused face at the beatings I subject you to haunt my twisted dreams. The questions you silently ask me, masked by your grace and care towards me. I confuse myself as I love you, yet hate you for you read my mind and feed on my thoughts. I sink and shy away everyday as you become my souls carrier and my hearts keeper. And in the madness I yearn for you kiss, to write my wrongs and make everything all write.

I write of a soul.
I write of a man.
I write of a mind.
I write of a heart.
I write of a dream.

I write because pens make way to hearts and ink never fades. I refuse to speak for voices are forgotten and humans cease to listen. I open up my heart for all mankind to see... And take a bow as mankind looks at me with wonder.

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