Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Its in the detail, nature has a story to tell

Vast expanses of land in the Eastern Cape
Hidden deep in the mountains of the Transkei
Rivers winding, telling of tales carried by the wind and reflecing in ripples on the surface
Cloud filled skies observing the Living and the Breathing
Recording stories and re-telling them in shapes and parts
Green grass telling of its love affair with the season
It is clear that now is the season of happiness, such richness and colour
Rocks strewn on the roadside, silent, not moving
Breaking, crushing, becomin one with the soil
Trees, standing short, growing tall
The season's side chick, not neglected, its obvious in the green leaves and wild flowers
The air crisp.
Carrying traces of the sun and its sibling, the moon
Nature has its own story to tell.

Picture taken with my NokiaN73 in 2008

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