Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fashion meets Art

For Dior Couture AW 2009
Illustrator: David Downton (2011)

My first experience with chalk/ pastel drawing was in high school while I was experimenting with the different kinds of techniques I could express myself artistically in. Basic, five colour on box-back pencil outlined drawing. But the question was what would inspire the drawing?

The answer: Fashion!

It is tragic that the mystic drawing I did got destroyed by time, but accepting that memory fades, that one left a clear picture in my mind. It also won me an 'upcoming artist award' at an exhibition at Anne Bryant in East London. The silhouette of a lady, who originally was meant to be leaning on a lamp post, but ended up stepping on a puddle of water. Her slender body, flowing dress and tipping her top-hat as it slid over her eyes...priceless. Most striking about the image was the delicacy in which she stepped on the water and the little 'splash' she made. Oh my, what an exquisite picture I created.

So the question, why Fashion?

Well, if you know me at all, you will know that my dream was to be a fashion designer first. My mother was a dressmaker in her spare time, but interestingly enough, I never learnt how to sew. She cut patterns and went to sewing school tirelessly, but I never flinched. Yet deep down, I just wanted to be a fashion designer. Somehow I felt that what she did was too 'simple'. In my mind I saw the stuff Fashion in movies was made of.

Naturally, I made a lot of designs through out high school and I am happy to mention that many of them did see the light of day. My matric ball gown was my own creation, even my mother's graduation outfit. You might be asking yourself 'so where did Fashion go?'. Well, my application to study Fashion got rejected and my dream faded. I ended up with my third love, Writing.

So what was my second love then, you might be wondering...

My second love is: Art!

And then yesterday, while doing the usual trawling on the net, my first and second Love met. And today, writing bound everything together.



  1. I am not so much into art as you might know, but I think you are built for that. I cant wait for that day you go back to the "Studio"...
    #Lovely thoughts

    1. It will annoy and you will love it at the same time Mr Malebadi. I am looking forward to that time too (:


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