Monday, April 22, 2013

A not so New Trend, Try!

I could not help myself when I came across these pictures. I just had to share them. Because I have 'changed' so much in a space of a month. Because I now pay more attention to what I wear, what styles interest me, while still trying to keep being myself.

I can confidently say my mid-week and weekend wear has finally been defined (oh my, the differences) and instead of feeling like I have lost myself (my identity), I feel like I am coming to. At my age, with my career and the prospects of my future, I have to evolve.

Now one of the things that has drastically changed is my wear of high heels. I have gone to none a week, to three times a week. This has meant a bit of a wardrobe re-haul and digging out of those gems that have been in my closet for years waiting for me to come to. It has been exciting, pocket exhausting and absolutely exhilarating experience!

So, in an attempt to one day blend weekend and mid-week wear, I though sprucing up skinny jeans with high heeled sandals/stilleto's and loose shirts is a damn good combination. As winter is coming to (in South Africa), you can pair this up with a trench coat, or a blazer to warm yourself up. Unfortunately wearing a sandal does not translate very well in winter, minus those fairly warm days that come by sparingly.

Wanna try it out?

I'm pulling it off on Friday (casual day) to replace my sneaker Friday fetish!

images via: A34

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  1. Dear Lawwwddd, I love the look... Ummm, I have all similar items in my closet. I will play around with these look.



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