Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Post: The WKND Social

The Food

The Art

The People

My Clique/Entourage

On the 18th of May, we took my little sister out to The WKND Social as a pre-birthday celebration for her 20th birthday. An event that almost did not happen due to a lot of drama the morning of The Social.

But we made it to the door a little later (as usual) and the celebrations began. The decor was beautiful, this being because it was held at an art gallery, so some South African contemporary art was strewn around the place. I was keen on the vegetarian option for the food, but unfortunately by my eating time this was finished. So settled for the meat option which was not too bad. The drinks and dessert were quite pretty, I especially loved the idea of a candy bar, being all that I am a sucker for candy.

The afterparty was the usual spot, the Puma Social Club. I will guess that when you are not an alcohol consumer, you enjoy everything less than everyone else who is. I did not particularly enjoy the after party, that with the electricity being out for about 45 mins to top everything off. With all this said, I personally do not think The Social is my kind of scene. There is no SOCIALISING really happening, its people who know each other hanging out with each other in their cliques, and if you don't know them, sorry for you. It's either you be brave and go chat to them yourself (which is universally awkward) or you hang with your own clique. I do commend the organisers this time around, I felt welcomed and some pictures of me and my clique were taken. That made me, even for a moment, feel like I am part of the in-crowd. I think next time I will just do the after party, it is a more relaxed and open environment, everyone is drunk or five to drunk and people bump into each other and chat.

I should hit Neighbourgoods Market soon, maybe there I will find folk who can become my clique for such overly cool shenanigans *snaps fingers*!


  1. Your comments on THE WKND SOCIAL seem to be filled with low self esteem. One can't force people to socialise and even at the Neighbourgoods Market you see clusters of people who have arrived together or who know each other sticking together. It's just a pity that your obsession with the concepts of "in crowds","cool kids" etc makes so subjective in the critique of an event. I was with you on some of your points until you started going on about how you aren't a cool kid.

    1. Thank you for you comments and observations Anonymous. As this is a free platform, your opinion is much respected and I would not do anything to hinder it. Thanks for reading!


  2. Moreover you cite yourself as a writer and honestly to take the name of an event so literally is just kind of pathetic. But if we are talking about taking things literally, did you never go to a 'social' during your school career? Even there - one had to extend themselves to 'socialise' and people gravitated to socializing within their 'cliques'

    1. Hi again Anonymous, taking the name literally as you say came from the initial explanation the organisers gave as an intention for the social. And as is true that socialising is usually kept between cliques or a person extending themselves. Unfortunately these days there is less extending and more keeping to yourself. Platforms like these are a great place for people to now stop keeping to themselves and extend themselves, and this not only speaks to me, but to any person who has interest in getting to know other people. I find that you are coming across as aggressive and I do apologise that my opinions have made you feel such. Thanks again for reading.

  3. Hi Sindi. I think you mistake my opinion on your lack of objectivity when critiquing an event as me being aggressive. I have read and re-read your posts on THE WKND SOCIAL and like I said I was with you on some of your points (as someone who has attended THE WKND SOCIAL) until you started rambling about your low self esteem and about concepts such as "cool kids" and so forth. I mean you did a whole blog post on the fact that your photo was featured in THE WKND SOCIAL's album... That in itself is very telling.
    On your very limited comments in your previous post on how the organisors were huddled together (or whatever you said) on their phones, I found out about THE WKND SOCIAL via Twitter. That is called marketing and building a brand portfolio.
    In response to your rebuttal on the word 'social' and that it was the explanation that the organisors offered... That is again very limited. Socialising is all dependent on people and the organisors can not be critiqued because of people and who are you to sit in judgement of how people choose to spend their time and say things like "Platforms like these are a great place for people to now stop keeping to themselves and extend themselves"? What makes you think that you have the standing above other human beings to think that your way should be the way forward.
    I have met so many people at THE WKND SOCIAL and I think it's because I don't walk in there having expectation and delusions of grandeur to be cool.

    Your posts upset me simply because people rarely do things or attempt to do things because of the negativity manifested by people like you and your blog. Critique the event execution all you want. Like I said I was with you - food is sometimes not a hit etc, but don't go fixating on and critiquing things that have to do with your self esteem and your entourage's lack of ability to get somewhere, have a good time and socialise and meet people ON YOUR OWN.

    1. Hi Anonymous, thank you again for your comments. The one thing I love about life is that we can never do or understand things in the same way. What you see as low self esteem might be seen as humour by another person, and as a way to identify with my post by another. It is no secret that every city has its popular people and non-popular people. And the fact that I know I am not one of the popular people is seen by you as low self esteem, which baffles me.

      With that being said, I did say that the Social (day do) is not my kind of place, and this is because I know the kind of person that I am and because I know places that I can identify with. And me saying that its a great place for people to extend themselves is my observation of how we as a society have come to be less open to meeting new people and keep more to ourselves. If one does not want to do that, they are more than allowed to keep to themselves. But I do not personally think relationships are built by a person keeping to themselves.

      So as much as my blog post has upset you in many ways, I still have every right to have my own opinions and to share them. How I experience something is not how another person will experience it. And that is why you will find varying posts about events. I cannot keep quiet about how I observed something because I 'should' be scared that it will make people feel upset or will prevent people from doing things. If you, as an organiser, cannot take what the world will throw at you, then why are you putting yourself in the line of fire anyway? Not everyone will like something. I like The Social, but I don't necessarily like how it has unraveled around me so far. And that is why I had positive points about it, and I had negative ones.

      Now we can go on forever about this, with you identifying whatever it is about me as a person, etc. It will not change that someone else out there feels the same way that I do. It also does not mean that I will not go The Social again and that time around have the time of my life with no qualms because I have become more accustomed to the environment.

      PS, shout out to you being anonymous. Must be nice!

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  4. Duuuuude cool it now. For you to even get "upset" by someone's own opinion on their own blog?! go find joy bro, the sun's out, Madiba's still alive, there's so much to be happy about. Who died and made you the "measurer of self-esteems" btw? the fact that you're hiding under anonymity says a lot about yourself as well you know. There's no crime in sharing one's opinion in platforms such as blogs. The most fun thing about it is that unlike being a spokesperson for an organisation or a journalist for a media house is that you can go ham. The thing about opinions is that they're like assholes, everybody has one. Trouble only starts when one starts thinking of opinions as facts. Sindie here clearly states that it's here opinion, you have every right to challenge her opinion, but that what you don't have is that of concluding or denouncing them wrong. No one expects you to share the same opinion/feelings with them Anonymous.

    @ Sindie I'm glad you went again! From that first experience you described,if it was me I probably wouldn't have gone. There's nothing I despise more than people who sell you an iPhone and give you a blackberry service lol.


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