Tuesday, July 9, 2013

RE-POST: Become A Member of My Blog

Becoming a Member of my blog:

When you get to the landing/ home page of my blog, on the right hand side under the 'About Me: Sindz' sidebar is the 'Followers' section.

Click on 'Join this Site' and choose which existing account you would like to become a member of my blog with. There is Google, Twitter and Yahoo! and three others underneath those. Becoming a member of my blog does NOT EXPOSE you to HACKERS or to SPAM EMAILS. YOU WILL GET NO EMAIL FROM ME, OR THE LIKE. Just Click on your option and you will be asked to sing into your account for verification and you are done. You will now be officially a member of this blog.

How to Comment on my blog:

At the bottom of each blog post is a section made for you, the reader. Here you can rate the post as 'love it', as 'interesting' and as 'a bore'. You can also comment on the post by clicking the 'Comments' section. Here you can write your thoughts and your suggestions for questions. Nice and easy, with no need for you to verify yourself so that blogger knows you are not a robot (those things irritate me, lol).

And that's it with my attempt at a tutorial how to guide, and I hope you sort of enjoyed it.

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