Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mothering is timeless...

My dog Smokey gave birth to a litter of puppies before I came home.
When I heard the news, I was over the moon!
See, my dog is very special.
They did something to her because my Dad ddnt want here to have puppies.
Guess how many times she's given birth after that....
Well....err I have lost count.

Meet Dimples, he cannot see yet. That's how young they are.
I am not sure if hes a he or if shes a she.
Heck, they all look the same for a change!
Smokey seems to have stuck to one boyfriend (I'm proud of you Smokes!).

This brought about to me the concept that 'mothering is timeless'.
I watch her almost everday, feeding, taking care of her babies...
and I think to myself, why is it so hard for some humans to do the
same thing?
I mean, Smokey is a dog, yet she has excelled in the job 'mothering'.
Most of her past puppies have died, been taken away, some dissapeared with thieves in the night!
But my dog never fails to mother her puppies, its like she Lives on. On the the next litter...

Meet Smokey and her babies!
p.s: She chose to use the 'ubuhlanti (krall)' as her den. Dogs!

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