Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Late awakening...

So, I got me thinking....

What is a blog, why do people blog, why would I like to keep one, can I maintain it without getting bored? Shooo, all sortsa questions are rapping up and down in my mind (I can almost hear my Journalism lecturer asking me the same questions, which I did not have answers for at that time, blame it on ignorance).

So, when I do think of answers to this one, I will gladly tell you. Today, about two years later, I am still ignorant to blogging. Taking time out to think, it might help a little, considering that theres no time to think with all this 'touch me on my studio', 'tjatjarag', julius malema, AWB and all the other nonsense happening and buzzing in peoples lips.

Now....let me go back to thinking!

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