Monday, November 15, 2010

Try something new!

So, why do we Live?
We are concieved, born, grow up, go to school, start working, make friends, grow old
then die, right?
Well, yes, but why does it have to be completely like that, order and all?

See, I think living is more than just living.
They say that you Live once, so Live everyday
like it is your last.
We say, what is Life if you cannot mess up everything, even the natural order of it.
Benjamin Button did it, he was born an old man, and lived his life in reverse, then died a baby!
Weird I know, but the concept fascinates me.

So in my road to a fulfiling Life, I sternly believe that trying out new things is very
important. Expand your horizons for Gawd's sake.
Live a little, take those things that make you shy and do them.
Experience life as it is supposed to be, eventful.

Guess what, all these years I have been despising manicures! My friends and
family know that I want nothing to do with them, period. I cannot grasp the concept.
And yes, as you might have guessed, I was not talking from experience.
I just judged it, no need for me to know.
Then this happened!
Shocking, I know.
But I decided to Live a little, do something I have never tried before.
Just because I can.
I did it, I just told that lady to give me a manicure, and she did.
OOOOOOhhhhhhh my hands look much better, even if I have to say so myself!

I love water, I really do, especially sea water. I waddle around at the beach a lot.
I have a secret though, I cannot swim, and I avoid pools by all means possible.
Becasue obviously I will drown!
I heard my friends boyfriend say hes going swimming, and without thinking of it, grabbed my swimsuit! I will cross the bridge when I get there is what I told myself.
Cross that bridge I did, found myself inside a pool, trying to swim.
Almost drowned, but hey, I tried. I did something that scares me, plus it was new. I have never swam in a pool before.
So what I am trying to say is, Live a little!
It does not hurt to try something new, exciting, and scary.
It is amazing the amount of fulfiment and happiness you get from doing it.
Make that fantasy of yours come true, go bunjee jumping, do whatever, Live!
After all, you only have one Life, and honey you are not growing any younger.
Go on tiger, knock em' dead!

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