Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Love finds you indeed, when you are not looking...

Today is one of those days, where everything around me seems to have a piece of you in it.
I released a laugh this morning, as I used your towel to dry myself, not because I wanted to do it like you, but because at that moment I imagined you doing it, and then played it out.
Rides to work seem empty, with your voice echoing in my head as I recall the conversations we have had.

But why do I Love this man, I think.
First answer is, it's impossible not to Love you, you are everthing to Love.
But why Sindie, what is it about him that makes you Love with no boundaries?
My mind (soul, I don't know exactly what is speaking to me) laughs and says, It's because he is God's reflection of your ability to Love.

As the driver talks and makes his way to work, I am completely lost in my thoughts. Thoughts of you fill my head. You make me want to write Love filled poems, pages and pages of it.
I never write about Love, I used to be so bitter towards it. I failed it so many times, that instead of blaming myself, I blamed Love itself. Oh what a selfish thing to do, for Love does not change, people change.
Then he came, and shook the hell out of me and in the process showed me Love.

This is how He makes me feel:

If ever there is a man who Loves me completely, it shows in every way possible, it has to be You!
Sincere when you look at me, Sensitive when you touch me.
Soothing when you speak to me, Sensational when you kiss me.
Colour explodes from deep inside me, sends shades that paint me with sweet smelling colour filled scents of Love.
But why put it that way?
Because at this very moment, and explosion of colour is what you are to me.

You came in and painted my Life Alive! Gosh! Now I Live. Apart from Living without you, I Live in the thought of having you.
He holds my hand, I swear he wants everbody to know This is Love.
I wriggle my hands out of his, uncomfortable, I am not used to public displays of affection.
Hahahaha do you think my man stops? He then wraps his arms around my waist, if not my neck. I have to get used to this, I tell myself as I watch time go to a standstill.

This man Loves me, he really does.

It's in the way he holds me, how he touches me, how he talks to me, how he watches me, how he listens when I talk, how he laughs even when I am not funny, how he is always taking photo's of me in my sometimes crazy poses, in how he watches me sleeping...

I pray...
I whisper prayers everyday for us.
I pray I Live for you, I pray I Live with you.
I pray you hold me fastened to your heart, I pray I never hurt you.
I pray you never stop smiling at me, I pray sincerity never leaves you.
I pray we Live to walk down the isle, with God as our Witness.
I pray I Live to give birth to your Seed(s).
I pray we never part, I pray I never stop Loving you.
For it is clear to me, you are part of God's plan for my Life.

I want the whole world to know, a good man has found me, and I Love him!


  1. aMEn sister...I want that kind of love. I am happy that you have found a love that is real and that is sincere. Cherish that love and I hope it keeps blossoming and bearing beautiful flowers of love. I love love....

  2. This kind of love is very hard to find but once found you need to keep. Glad to have found it aswell:-)


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