Monday, June 13, 2011

Four Seasons

Have you noticed the similarities between your life and the earth's four seasons?
Well today I did.
Take a moment and break down the occurencies of the seasons; summer, autumn, winter, spring.
See how it all relates to the patterns in your life?

It inspired the notion that nothing in life stays as it is forever. The life cycle is meant to be as is, and as much as one can learn from their mistakes, the cycle is bound to reach full circle, and start all over again.

It teaches me that I must not be comfortable in my life seasons, but I must accept them. I must not dwell in their pain, nor over-indulge in their beauty, for these are seasonal. There will be rains to fill my rivers and steer me to deeper seas, but with this comes knowledge and understanding. There will be full blooms of flowers and endless sunshine, but with this comes discovery and enlightment. There will be faded memories and things I collected I will no longer possess, but with this new memories are created, and deeper treasures to collect found. There will be seemingly unending pain, loss, failure, bad health, heartache, confusion, but with this, the dawn of happiness will loom in the horizon.

Live in the seasons life has created for you!
In each, a beauty exists.

pic courtesy of: OnutzaC

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