Monday, June 27, 2011

Jazz so streetwise, angels must be wearing All-Stars!

If you have never heard of this songstress, I wonder what you have been reading, and what you have been listening to. Her name, Esperanza Spalding, should say it all. Honestly, I think she was perfectly named for stardom!

I first heard of her, in all truth(ness) when she won a Grammy Award earlier in the year, beating both Justin Beiber and Drake for the top spot. What awed me, was that she was a contemporary jazz musician. First question was, what happened? Then how did she do that? Then who voted for her, for in all honesty, nobody really knows who she is.

Well, she was about to prove me wrong, because after that all music lovers were introduced to the singing sensation; and bassist, electric guitarist, electric voiced - angel voiced (gosh I am running out of ways to say this) singer that was her!

So I got my hands on her two albums, Junjo and the self titled Esperanza. I tell you, music has never been the same! Go on, take a listen, you might just agree with me...

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