Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Motherland Coffee getaway

Last week Friday evening me and my group members Tammy, Anita and Lerato went to finish off our day, and our Honours assignment at a local spot in Rosebank called Motherland Coffee Company.

Motherland Coffee Company

I was fashionably late, all because I came out on the wrong side of the train station and had to walk and find the place.

It is this beautiful, modern/ retro African coffee shop that has taken 'African Revolution' to a whole new level. Our brief required that we do a healthy brand audit, which meant we had to find a brand that we believed was living up to the healthy brand elements. After much brainstorming, we found that this coffee shop was the perfect option to represent a healthy brand.

The coffee shop set up
They business is built around being a healthy brand, from purchasing coffee that is strictly African, having the Fair Trade certification, having premises that represent their values and purpose, to how they treat their employees. I could go on about this coffee shop, but we did a presentation (that earned a distinction) about it and if anyone wants access to it, they could request. But honestly, the nitty gritty is for those who are interested in branding.

Supports Fair Trade which means the producers of the coffee get a fair share of the profit
So for those who can, go pay them a visit. They are in Rosebank Mall. They are available on Twitter, Facebook and you can access their website here. You would have to ask around to find the place though, my direction ability is a bit...

See some pictures:

They serve more than just coffee.

Take away bags and the t-shirts they sell.

A coffee for those on the run!
Im not much of a coffee person though, juice does me best
Anita working on our presentation
The smokers section.

trendy/ retro lighting arrangement
Custom All Stars.
 pictures via: me and their website

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