Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We all need a little bit of...

Hey everybody, today I had such a bad morning. And not because I chose to be in a bad mood, but because I came across obstacles that really infuriated me. For as long as I can remember (this year), I always wake up with a smile on my face and prep my day for happiness. This has worked, because I haven't felt this completely happy in a long time. As much as it is always preached that we need to make ourselves happy first, before we can expect happiness to come from another person, a lot of this does not necessarily ring true. Many people's lives are directly affected by the happiness of the people around them, and on how those people make them feel. When your child, mother, sibling, lover, friend is unhappy; what are the chances that you will be completely happy in that moment? Very few, I think.

The world goes around preaching happiness as if it is something difficult to achieve. In my case, I reckon happiness is constant. Like breathing, if I may use this as an example. But then there are external (and often internal) factors that come and cause ripples in this constant. I do not think you loose happiness when you find yourself sad, or angry, or confuse, and the like. You still breathe, but there is a disturbance to the peace that is your happiness. And as soon as things become sunnier again, that constant re-surfaces. It did not go anywhere, you just had your energies focused on something that cause a ripple in your life. I do not want to preach, and everyone is entitle to their own opinion. This is mine and I just hope that it can make sense to someone, or someone can find value in it. There are so many people (including friends of mine) who are confused, hurt and seem unhappy. Something has got to be bigger than that, you just need to find it. We all need this in our lives:

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