Thursday, July 26, 2012

A miss a little bit of my past

I was trawling through Facebook just now, going through profiles of people I love that I have not seen or talked to in a very long time. I happened to land on Nathi's profile too. He is barely on there, so I was met with posts of when he was still an active Facebooker. Nathi is a special man I know. I love him with all my heart, he is as close to my heart as my two brothers. That is how special he is. Most of my varsity years were filled with his shocking laugh, his goofy face and bounds of happiness. He epitomizes everything about my past life that had art in it. He is inspiring. He is a breath of fresh air. His big head swarms with brilliant ideas. He is all a person dreams of in a friend.

As I sat and blankly stared at his profile for a while, I realised that I miss Nathi dearly. I have not spoken to him in months. Neither has he to me. I have not seen him in an even longer time than that. A lot in the years has happened between us, we have had mighty fights, we have been frustrated at each other, we have hugged and shared high fives, we have triumphed over situations we thought we would never succeed in, we have proven to both ourselves the brilliance we possess. Memories flooded my head and my heart became heavy because time passes by so quickly.

I miss my dear friend. I miss my dear brother. I miss my partner in art. I miss my muse. I miss the way he called my name. I miss his laugh more than anything else. I miss you Nathi.

An illustration I found on his Facebook page:


  1. awwww... This is how are imagine true friendships to be, well with just a little connectedness. Did you phone or write him a little note?

  2. haha i tagged him on this note of FB and he called me :D so it worked!! YAY


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