Friday, July 20, 2012

Jason and Zoe's trip to Ukraine: Kyiv

Hey peeps

As mentioned in the previous Istanbul (I keep typing it Instabul, le sigh!) I said I would bring you the second installment of Jason's trip and here it is. I especially love the fun factor in the monuments around Kyiv. It might be every bit as historic as any other European city, but I believe in the spark!

I found myself guilty when I thought that my desire to travel Europe was bigger than my desire to travel Africa. And I wondered why... Well predominantly it could be because my own continent is not as commercialized as a holiday destination as Europe. So yes, I am a victim of media brainwash. Even in movies, you always see how beautifully Italy and Paris are depicted, and Cape Town or Kenya are depicted as war torn and corrupt zones. Let me not get too deep in a post that is meant to be light hearted, but still I probably will go to Europe first, then save the last bit for Africa. I dream...

Meet Jason!

Photo's of Kyiv:

Alice in Wonderland themed park

That thing is actually chicken...

Euro fan zone

Stadium in the city centre

Hugging or Dancing horses fountain

Statue of Lenin

This is made up of plastic forks and spoons, so cute.



St Micheal's Cathedral

Streets of Kyiv

Opera house

Struggle workers

Street signs
signing out...

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