Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fashion Photo's of the Day

image via: sartorialist

images via: APOT

image via: fashionbreed


  1. Sind I look forward to your blog posts.I become depressed when days roll by and you haven't blogged.

    You invoke all sorts of feelings in me. Sometimes you wow me on others you make me laugh, on others you make me wish I was into high fashion just as much as you also manage to remind me to stay true myself and on rare occasions you depress me--particularly that last post about love.

    I don't think you're incapable of loving. You've just never been in love. And when you finally do fall in love you it will catch you off guard, it will hit you hard inbetween the eyes like a stray golf ball and you will love it. Your partner will be like nothing you ever imagined. They will be absolutely imperfect but you will love 'em perfectly with their imperfections because the qualifications they tote or race they are will not matter. What will matter is how they make you feel. But like you said before you have to accept and love yourself unconditionally before you can love another. It's the universal truth.

    Keep blogging Sind, you're awesome at it.

  2. Thank you for the love your sharing over here, its quite exciting to hear a person say this about my blog and I believe that it is genuine.

    I have come to realise that I am capable of loving, there were just parts about me that hindered the love growing process. I love my man, I know this for a fact that I do, all I need to do is to deal with all the issues I refused to deal with.

    I will keep bloggin', this is that Love thang ya dig?


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