Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Musings | The WKND Social

So on Saturday the 16th me and my friend Buli attended the much talked about WKND Social. I mean if you are following the Kool Kids of Joburg, you probably know very well about it and you desire to attend just one of the monthly held events. I was meant to go with Oli as well, but literally five minutes after I bought my ticket, she logged in and the tickets were sold out!!! Bummer!

If there is one thing, the tickets sell out very fast. The full day one's that is. So if you would like to go there, as soon as the communication comes out for the next date, do the right thing.

We had fun though, like me and my friend made sure that we had fun. There is fun that can be created by the environment and there is fun that can be had by people who really want a good time. We were the latter. We arrived a little after 12 after struggling to find our way there for a while (we are not familiar with the CBD). We walked in and the organizer's were draped on the sofa busy on their respective gadgets. The pretty girl who had the guest list checked our names and we proceeded to look enthusiastically at the four girls on the sofa. None of them said anything, or came to welcome us and tell us the order of things. Perplexed, we entered deeper into the restaurant (Narina Trogon) and approached the waitresses who then told us what do do and basically what happens there. We found a place to sit with two other lonely looking ladies (like we all looked a little out of place) and started conversations. Photo taking started and the starters were served.

Me and my friend are big mouthed, so we really were engaged in conversation. The place started filling up and as I observed, some people came in unattended and other's got showers of hugs and snap shots to welcome them. I found this peculiar, but reasoned that it was their friends, so I had no place being concerned about not getting a warm welcome. They don't lie when they say bottomless cocktails! Courtesy of Gordon's Dry Gin (bleh! I have one very bad story in my teenage years about this). Our table also filled up pretty fast, and the ladies were very beautiful, I have to admit. The main course (we chose burgers) was served, and later the desserts. All nom-nomi and airy fairy, I felt like I was in a restaurant more than in a social.

Either way, the time was approaching to move to the afterparty. I have to admit, I felt a little anxious about this as I had already made my judgments on how things happen around there. The resident photographer (a pretty girl at that) came to our table once and took a photo of something that was decorative. It made sense now to me why the popular pictures of the social I had seen seemed incomplete. It's always either celebrities or the Kool Kids. Some people make it to the front of the lens, and others don't. We didn't, which is a bit obvious. The party moved upstairs (Puma Social Club), and all went pretty much banana's. I had proper fun. Here was a space where people could be themselves, where no one could feel left out because by this time most people were friendly and drunk, and there was loud music pumping, all the more reason to be merry. Personally, I enjoyed the afterparty more than I enjoyed the day-do.

So to constructively criticize, the organizers should treat everyone who enters the venue in the same respect. Welcome you, smile and tell you what the itinerary (is this even the right word?!) is. They don't have to be your friend after that, but everyone feels welcome and appreciated for putting in the effort to come. Next is to every now and again (even once) go from table to table and make small chats to just see if their attendants are comfortable and having fun. And most importantly, take photo's of everyone. Not just celebrities, your friends and the fashionista's. At the end of the day, the event is about people, unless I missed the memo and it is really about the celebrities and the organizer's friends. Then shame I will sit down and attend the events tamely until I become either a friend, on a Joburg Kool Kid.

I am a brand person, therefore I look critically at how brands handle themselves and what they want to sell to me. I cannot be fooled (anymore). It is not enough to just package the event nicely, its important to build the relationships that will enable the brand to grow, have a lasting effect, and have value. The WKND Social needs a bit of personal brand 101, otherwise it is a brilliant concept and people genuinely (I think) like it.

I am going in for second's, I am a giver of second chances after all. Enjoy some pictures (p.s. I could not take picture's of everyone there, somehow I did not feel comfortable invading people's personal spaces):


  1. Something seriously irks me out about people's attachments to their phones. in a set up like this social event, their friends are there, people that showed interest and paid to attend the do are also there. The question is then, who's so important to chat with on the phone and ignore those present? Or is it a matter of "oh let's be cool, trend a hashtag on twitter and instagram?" They seem to forget that they selling a product and must make it a point that it lives up to its promise. It's all well and good to have nice pictures, but they should be a true reflection of the good time that's sold(advertised). If no one's allowed on the circle then no tickets should be sold.But hey give it another go, I will join you soon.

    ..anywho, so you pretty girl drank Gordons! hahahaha, that shit's potent

  2. Well, having been there to experience the event and the feel... I must say that my first impression was totally bad tasted. From entering the door to the table (not dismissing the great company of my friend and the amazing ladies on our table)to the food... Now, the food was also just another low point. The concept is a great one indeed but this could sell better and bigger should the points you've shared be noted. Back to what you have shared, through your pictures... I could just go back again just becuase of those pictures:) Good work xoxoxo

  3. Good post and great pics... That food and that drink make me super hungry tho! : )

  4. Omg, love your style! <3

    Do you want to follow each other?

  5. Thank you so much for such good feedback. We truly do hope that we will see you at another full-day experience in the future.

    1. Thank you for taking time out to read, I did come to another full day and from the experience I had here, it was different. I felt welcomed and I had fun (again). Thank you for the great platform that is The Social, people really do love it!



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