Friday, November 18, 2011

Style is Everything: Blair Waldorf

So yesterday I was watching Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 5. This here happens to be one of my most favourite series to ever hit the small screen, and I just die by watching. I was introduced to it by my friend while it was on Season 2, and trust me to dig up season one, and follow every season thereafter. Word on the street is that it is on it's last season. This is tragic! Very tragic. Should it ever come out on DVD, I am no doubt going to get myself that set.

So as I was watching, the biggest part of GG has always been the fashion for me, more than the Chuck and Blair romance, or the Serena drama, or the Dan outsider - insider has just been the clothes on that set. Gosh I keep saying if I could own the GG wadrobe, I would be untouchable. Pity I am just this simple girl. So as I was saying, it sparked the thought that I shoud actually blog a series of my favourite styles from GG.

And we start with Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and her outfits that made me gasp! There has been much more (as she is undoubtedly theee most stylish character), but had to narrow it down to these:

Above: This is a classic! Top class and not anyone can just pull it off.

Above: Miss Waldorf sure can play with colour, love the combination of colours in the first pic.


Above: A very nice and clean combination of colour. Matches perfectly dont you think?

And finally: Classic Black. Enuf said (I am going around looking for a black blazer, and its been months...imagine what I could pull off with one!)


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