Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend with a masked theme...

So over the weekend we went to mine trully's friends houswarming and birthday party. I was not overly eager to attend, because of my difficulty in understanding mine trully's mother tongue, but we went...and it was a lovely do I have to admit. Unfortunately not many pictures were taken and all I have to show for it are these:
It was a themed party, attendees advised to wear black, white or pink. Mine trully went for black and white, and I ofcourse had to settle for the pink (in my own terms of course).
We had fun, I caught only half of what was being said (thanks to the much that mine trully has taught me thus far) and it was different. That is what I enjoyed about it. You dont get that many black people who organise themed parties.
It is a pity though that we only wore the masks for about five minutes, and had to then take them of because they were irritating our eyes.
Well here is item one on our memories box motho wame.

Happy Monday

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