Thursday, November 17, 2011

The thought in my head...

I have long been thinking about changing the theme of my blog, to sort of give it an injection of life as at this poing in time I feel that it is too dark (what with the black background) and it just does not communicate any good feelings. The main reason I started this blog was to detail or reflect on some of the things that happen in my life, as well as share lots of pictures and memories. This has been partly achieved, and I have even found more fire in which to post on this here blog of mine.

But I am very aware that it will expand, it will change, it will be horrid on some days, and on some it will be inspirational and breathtaking. But I am so scared of this change. I fear that if I change the theme, my blog will never look the same again. But I have realised that I have not really asked myself what the people viewing this blog think about this theme, or what they would like to see. As much as it is about me, it is also very much about you, the viewer and reader who sees this once a day, twice a week, once in every three months and the like...this is for you!

So I stepped out of my shoes and figured that some colour and light (brightness) would do a great deal for this here blog. It would sort of be a re-birth, a step into the now. So, next time you see this, the blog will be different. Some of you may like the changes, some of you may prefer the current template, but we all know that in life we cannot please everyone at the same time.

So for those of you who will not like the change, be brave, like I was and open your mind to the possibilities of a new look. And to those of you who will like the change, this is mainly because of you, open minded and flexible person!

So...let us walk into the light, together.


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