Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fashion Photo's of the Day

This collar has revolutionized the image of coats I had. Amazing!


This is the next outfit I am eyeing out for a warmer day. My 'indian' style harem pants, heels, a tee and a blazer or cardigan.

Already pulled the Gwen Stefani black harem pants with stiletto's and a denim waistcoat outfit.

ps. I get outfit inspirations from these FPotD's, pity I am not big on documenting what I wear.

images via web & SFN

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  1. gwen is always the best
    I've seen one of her photo when I was pregnant: she was carring her son, on her shoulder.
    I've dreamt the same thing (dreamt that mine was male) and it was!!
    she's sssssssssssssso cool!
    love her!
    please, follow my blog too
    bye, nice night from italy!


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