Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Greatness Achieved

It is day two after the race and I feel like I was run over by a huge truck! I walk like some sort of robot and I constantly wince in pain. This is the price I am paying for finishing my second marathon this year (the first being the JPMorgan 7.5km run) and with every jab of pain, I whisper 'GREATNESS' to myself and soldier on. I will admit, this marathon running thing has not been a big deal to me, I did it purely for interests sake. But after the overwhelming support and feedback from my friends and family, I realised that running marathons is more than just an interest. I make an impact on someone else's life and that for me is HUGE!

Anyway, I started the race 16mins late because honestly that is how long it took for the people at the very end of the line (me included) to start moving after the shot had gone off. I was determined to join some friends who were further up, but that ended up not happening. By some stroke of luck, while running on Grayston, I was joined by a young lady who went to the same high school as me. What a coincidence! She was so much fun to run with and I would not have performed as I did without her.

my start time

can you spot me?

getting my walk on

I went to the race with my best friend, who unfortunately did not register as stated before. While I was out sweating and killing my lungs, my best friend was sight seeing in the Sandton City Motor Show. Sigh! Some people and cars...

I could not believe that this is a BMW lol

ithemba lamarhumsha!

Unfortunately I could not take the camera into the run with me, so I was not able to take the street shots I thought I would take before. Honestly, I romanticised the whole race. Being there, running in the middle of Alex was hectic! I was tired, the sun was scorching and it was just all human body running towards the finish line. I finished the race in 1h36mins and I am proud of myself. I have achieved GREATNESS!

Exhausted and sore...

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  1. I'm so proud of you! I can't even imagine how fulfilling it must be to finish a marathon! I always air-punch when I finish just 5ks on a treadmill which is not even close to the real thing!

    Well Done!! :)


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